“Poetic justice”

Discussion 1 – What are the three basic elements of theatre? Which one do you believe is most important? Why?

Discussion 2 – There is 3 question

  1. Compare the Greek skene with the Roman scanae frons. How were they similar? How did they differ?
  2. What was your overall impression of the beginnings of theatre in Egypt? Were you aware of the theatrical accomplishments of the civilization?
  3. What contribution did Aristotle make to theatre? What was the name of his work?

Discussion 3 -There is 4 question to answer

  1. Explain why the proscenium arch was developed. What was the need?
  2. What is the oldest surviving theatre with a permanent proscenium arch?
  3. During what period of theatre was opera developed?
  4. What are the four types of stages/stage spaces?

Discussion 4 – There is 2 question to answer

  1. One of the French neoclassicist ideals was that “characters should behave in a manner appropriate to their social status, gender, and ethnicity (decorum)” (p. 123). What are some rules for decorum in our society? Generally speaking, do you agree with rules for behavior or not?
  2. The French neoclassicists believed that “poetic justice” should be upheld in all plays. Define the literary term ”poetic justice.”

Discussion 5 – There is 2 question to answer

  1. What was Bertolt Brecht’s motivation for creating his own brand of theatre termed “Epic Theatre?” What was he trying to accomplish for society?
  2. What is the significance of the creation of The Actors Studio to the development of theater and film?