Poetry Analysis

This project is composed of two parts Protest Poetry (50 points). Poetry discussion (50points). Protest Poetry Guidelines: You must use a minimum of 2 poetic devices. Your poem must have a minimum of 5 stanzas and a minimum of 200 words (how you choose to divide the stanzas and lines is up to you). Your poem must have an original title. You must include the word count of your poem at the end of it. Make sure to put your poetic devices in bold font. On the day the poems are due, be prepared to present your poem. Poetry Discussion Guidelines: This part of the assignment must be in essay format with a minimum of 500 words. You must include the word count at the end of your essay. In this essay, discuss the following: Why did you choose this topic in particular? Why and what are you protesting? What is the theme or message of your poem? Who is the speaker in your poem? Who are they speaking to? How did you feel as you were writing the poem? What were the hardest thing and the easiest thing in this wilting process? What poetic devices did you use and what purpose do they achieve?