Police Violence

Based on the case of Makia Smith and Jacqueline Salyers based on the book of Invisible No More by Andrea J. Ritchie. Write an essay examining these two cases. Answer the questions: How are state violence and punishment operating in the two cases you chose? How are they similar, and how are they different? What policies, laws, histories, and ideologies enable these forms of punishment and state violence? What possible strategies of resistance might challenge these forms of punishment and state violence? This essay should: Present an argument identifying the relationship between these two cases. You should situate that relationship within the context of state violence against women of color. Your argument must use the language “I argue that…” and should come into the introductory paragraph of the paper. Provide one paragraph summary of each case (2 paragraphs total) Compare the similarities and differences between the cases Provide an intersectional analysis. You should unpack how race, gender, sexuality, immigration status, and other social locations shape the cases you are reviewing Draw from and cite lecture material and reading material (with page numbers) from the course. You need to use and cite at least three chapters and three lectures. your writing needs to be sharp and concise. Do not add extraneous details or flowery language — your paper should be analytically focused and you should avoid filler language.