Propose a policy (which means a political solution) to a given problem. The objective of this assignment is to convince readers that this prescribed policy provides the best political ideas and tools to tackle and solve the problem. The best way to find a topic is to identify a problem in your job, your home, your community/city, school, or any other localized area. Sample topics could include: Gang violence in your community Homelessness Opioid crisis GMOs How to encourage more people to vote in the presidential elections. Teenage Pregnancy Prison Overcrowding Paper Should Include: Presentation of the problem (its existence, seriousness, and causes) Consequences of failing to solve the problem The title of the policy The stake holders involved in this issue, including individuals, groups, institutions, government, etc. Description of the proposed policy in detail. List of steps for raising awareness –by your group- and mobilizing public to help you solve the problem Discussion of reasons