Policy Updates/Reviews

Policy Updates/Reviews
                 Policy Updates/Reviews

Summarize what the article says about the issue and provide a responsible, critical analysis of the issue at hand and who is affected by the issue. In those instances where there is a negative influence, the student is to briefly outline a proposed solution and how they would advocate for that change.

 Name of the Article:  Flint Weighs Scope of Harm to Children Caused by Lead in Water

 You can find the article, in New York Times

    My Agency : Health and human services                 Â

                             Paper Outline

·        introduce the issue and discuss how it relates to your  agency setting/services provided,

·        present a clearly worded critical analysis of the issue,

·        contain a discussion of who is affected by the issue and how, and

·        Contain a description of what you would do or change to help those negatively affected by the issue/policy at hand.


·        APA FormatÂ