What would you identify as the most problematic aspect of the Medicaid program? explain.

Identify one health policy in which the judicial branch of the government recently played a major role in the policy making process. Briefly describe the policy, its suppliers and demanders, and what role the judicial branch played relative to this policy

Discuss the role of the DNP in reducing the existing healthcare disparities prevalent among the U.S. population and U.S. healthcare system and the impact of these disparities on the costs of healthcare delivery.

Currently there are major initiatives in this country to address specific illnesses increasingly prevalent among our citizens. Identify one such illness condition and discuss recent policy initiatives aimed at enhancing its diagnosis and treatment.

Discuss another example from the literature of where the clinical research enterprise in this country has been significantly impacted through public policy making initiatives.

Identify two health outcome measures identified in the literature which would favorably contribute to the health of the nation and significantly contribute to cost reduction within the health care delivery system