Pop Management Book Review

Instructions: An important part of this course is translating the concepts and practices outside of the classroom. To this end, you have read a popular management book for this course and will complete a book review. This book review has two parts:

  1. Summary of the contents
  2. Critique of the contents

  3. The summary of the contents should offer a synopsis of the materials, the main concepts or messages the author conveys, and any evidence the author offers for why their message works/effective.

The critique of the contents should offer a critical examination of the contents. You must include at least two concepts from the course (e.g, training, selection, performance management, etc.) to relate to the content from the book. You will examine how the concepts from the book and the concepts from the class either align or do not align and what that means for HR practices in business.

All formatting for this paper should be in the format set by the American Psychological Association (APA). The paper should be between five and ten content pages; meaning the cover page and references don’t count toward the page count. The paper is due no later than August 6th at the start of class (6 pm). You will submit the paper through Canvas.

Below you will find the scoring rubric:

6 points: Writing
• Do you follow APA formatting?
• Does the paper have minimal errors and grammatical mistakes?

10 points: Summary of the contents
• Did you include the summary of the contents?
• Do you provide the central message or concepts that the author(s) conveys?
• Is the summary well-articulated and organized?
• Do you use your own voice in summarizing the content?

14 points: Critique of the contents
• Did you include a critique of the contents?
• Did you include two concepts from the course?
• Is the critique well-articulated and organized?
• Do you use your own voice in critiquing the content?