Portfolio (Individual)


Develop an intrapreneurial idea to innovate an
existing business of your choice. This assignment comprises three parts.
Part 1 carries a weightage
of 30%, and is to be submitted in the form of a report via UTSOnline by Friday, 4 May 11:45pm. This
task will focus on the front-end of your intrapreneurial process, including identification of the
innovation opportunity, gathering user-centric insights and problem definition.

Part 2 of the individual portfolio carries a weightage of 25%, and will take the form of a slide deck
based on infographic content to be submitted via UTSOnline by Friday, 25 May 11:45pm. This
infographic slide deck will present insights from the latter stages of your intrapreneurial process
including curation of clear and unique value propositions, creative ideation of solutions, designing and
testing of prototypes, and development of sustainable business models.

Part 3 of the portfolio task is a reflective review of your journey as an intrapreneur/entrepreneur in
this project/subject, and is worth 15%. The purpose of this review is to critically reflect on and analyse
existing theories and concepts on ‘entrepreneurial traits, skills and processes’ in light of your own
personal experience. Present your insights in the form of an essay, and submit via UTSOnline by
Tuesday, 12 Jun 11:45pm.
A detailed Assignment Brief along with assessment criteria and relevant learning resources is made
available on UTSOnline and discussed in class. There is opportunity to share progress and get
feedback from the teaching staff, industry mentors and peers as you develop your project on a
weekly basis. Please see Assignment Brief for details.
Length: Part 1: Individual report – 2000 words plus visuals, tables and references
Part 2: Infographic slide deck – 5 slides plus appendices
Part 3: Reflective review essay – 1000 words plus visuals, tables and references
Due: Friday 4 May 2018
Part 1: due 4 May 11:45pm Part 2: due 25 May 11:45pm Part 3: due 12 Jun 11:45pm