Portfolio – Project



Project Brief You have been asked to provide consultancy and development for a potential client who is looking for a web developer that can give her existing site a fresh, new look. Before she signs you on as web developer she wants to assess if you can deliver the product and has asked that you provide a working prototype based on her requirements. If the prototype is accepted and the client is happy with your work, you will sign a contract as her web developer. The Existing Website – Part 1 Your client is Delilah Baker owner of the website ‘Baker’s Galore’. Delilah would like you to make the existing website more attractive and usable. During you discussion with Delilah you discover: o the website needs to optimised for use on mobile devices o the website needs to be optimised for different monitor resolutions o the website must be found easily when searched for on the web for local services Australia-wide (i.e. highly ranked in search engine results) o the existing website page load time needs to be improvedYou recommend to Delilah that in order to meet her requirements, that you will need to make some changes to the existing layout by rearranging the columns and making some adjustments to the images which will help to:o direct user to the contento improve the link accessibility via mobile devices specifically on touchscreens. Before you end the discussion, Delilah mentions that she would like you to add a simple Contact form page to the existing website. She wants to test out the look and feel of some effects that she discussed with the previous web development and hosting company. The requirements for this page with technical details were obtained based on a scrub meeting, which she attended and hence she had a copy of the style for the page to be created. She needs you to interpret this form before she makes the final payment to the previous web development and hosting company, as she has not received the service she has so far paid for. The requirements can be found on the following page. You have two (2) weeks to complete the prototype pages for approval from Delilah before they go live on the Baker Galore site.