Portfolio Project

For the final piece of your Portfolio Project, you will reflect upon the course. This reflection will be delivered in a written format on a Microsoft Word document.
a) In your own words reflect on how this project meets the Institutional outcomes as stated below.
Institutional Outcomes
• Information Literacy and Communication – Utilize appropriate current technology and resources to locate and evaluate information needed to accomplish a goal, and then communicate findings in
visual, written and/or oral formats.
• Relational Learning – Transfer knowledge, skills and behaviors acquired through formal and informal learning and life experiences to new situations.
• Thinking Abilities – Employ strategies for reflection on learning and practice in order to adjust learning processes for continual improvement.
• Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning – Follow established methods of inquiry and mathematical reasoning to form conclusions and make decisions.

b) Throughout your learning in this class, how would you approach this project differently & why? Explain your rational.