Portfolio: Short evidence based critical thinking questions

Portfolio: Short evidence based critical thinking questions

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Select three (3)of the questions attached on the word document to answer it.
Your response should reference current evidence from PRIMARY sources and be 500-700 words per response.

Topic : Alliance proposal for joint venture between Changan and Ford automotive company in China

Attention : This work will use turn it in to check the similarity ,please do not copy other’s work or internet resource .

Reference : I upload some articles in PDF format ,you can use it if you need.

Essay Structure ūüôĀ Please follow this essay structure , do not create your own one )
The assessment criteria is how you apply the theories and concepts to analysis this joint venture ,all words should be theories analysis ,but you don’t need to explain what those theories are)

Theories you must use:
1    Motivation
2    Partner selection and management
3    Value Chain
4    Performance evaluation and exit strategies
5    Governance and structure

The underlying part are the most important part

1.0 Introduction : 250 words
?    Just a brief background for both company ,assume the readers are familiar with these two company
?    Propose of this proposal
?    Theories you going to use
?    Structure of this proposal

2.0 Objectives 500 words
?    Motivation for Changan and Ford  (Theory you can use Transaction cost)
?    Issues companies facing before joint venture
?    Partner selection and management (Why Ford choose Changan as partner in China, trust issues  )

3.0 Identify the JV  600 words
?    Government Policy (Theory you can use Institutional theory, How institution environment influence this joint venture )
?    Governance and structure
?    Equity based or Non-equity based joint venture

?    International issues
?    Cross culture issues
?    Culture difference
?    Business strategy
?    Time frame strategy
?    Finance analysis for this joint venture (financial statements)

4.0 Evaluation of Alliance 500 words

?    Value chain (Must use the table below to analysis )

?    Performance evaluation and exit strategies

5.0 Recommendation 400 words
?    Alternatives exist to collaboration (why these are not better than some form of collaboration )
?    What other suggestion alliance for relationship between Changan and Ford

6.0 Conclusion 250 words