Portifoio website

( www.wix.cm , or www.weebly.com )
Have a digital portfolio, and choose any website you want to do so or any form of presentation. You can use www.weebly.com or www.wix.com .

you can take the business logo and follow it in your portfolio.
I’ll upload the logo for you here .
You need for your final portfolio:
1- Welcoming page
The welcome page of your portfolio should contain your name.

2- A quote that you believe in (You can include it in the welcoming page)
Put an interesting quotation in this page or express yourself in your own way. For example:
“When you have a rainbow deep down in your heart, your smile will shine Bright. You know you’re a part of that colorful, magical, feeling you’ll find, when you have a rainbow inside.”

3- Resume
Post your Resume in this page to follow your Portfolio theme.

4- Autobiography
Write your Autobiography with at least two paragraphs. Remember, your autobiography should be professional but yet you can make it a little bit personal to follow your personality.

5- Write your strengths in an interesting way here (optional)
Write your strengths, the one you got from your survey in the beginning of the semester. Write only the interesting ones. Check veronica’s portfolio for inspiration.
6- What is your process when you start working on a project (Optional)
You can draw your process, you can write it as points. Visual note taking can help you to determine your process.

7- Choose Minimum 4 projects that you want to put in your portfolio. For each project you need to have a cover page, and an introduction or Creative brief.
A- In the cover page you should writes the project name, class, instructor, and the semester you took the course in. so please write this ,example, in the first project i’ll upload for you in the custom writing
First Project: the shaker
Class: Media planning and buying 2
Semester: Fall 2018

Second project: Procter & gamble
Class: Media Context
Semester : 2018

Third Project: Aseil Resturant
Class: Modern marketing communication
Semester : 2018

Forth project: Mada’en Saleh
Class : Research and evaluation project
Semester : 2017

B- An introduction. Write a small introduction about the project.
1- Project one : is about the shaker shop, it’s juice shop and i did market situation about it and make a campaign, then engage the campaign with social media, i create i slogan and hashtag for then and i made media plan also for the shaker.

2-Second project is about: burger melt , i did i campaign for then and create i poster to use in the social media, then i talk about PR and DM

3-third project is about aseil restaurant and fifa world cup 2018, what promotions and campaign i did to make people go there and watch fifa 2018
4- forth project is about: mada’aen saleh and why people didn’t go there and what i recommend to make internal tourism increase.

Part 4: Short Report.
You need to send me a word or pages file that contain
• A cover page
• You need to answer these questions:
What did this class add to you?
What is your outcome from this class?
What you did not like about this class?
Any recommendation or suggestions to improve the class.
• A link to your portfolio.

For inspiration and tips:

(((((((( Examples of other student’s work. check it ))))))))))


Weebly Example Websites


and also put my CV in the beginning of the portfolio website

I will upload for you my project u should use in the website and my CV and paper that includes information about me to use it in the website portfolio

and don’t forget to use logo the I will upload

logo I did for my name and my business card , use it in the design of the website

for more information to use, Other certificates I have

•Gulf Education Conference and Exhibition as a volunteer 2017.
•Hekaya Misk event as an organizer 2016.
•Worked as a VIP reception in rally Jeddah 2016.
•Course in conversation English language from ( candy invention center ) .
•I worked in coordinate economical clubhouse in Jeddah .
but write the number in side and the other side the words

I need everything in the website, so how can pay for that ??

send me the link for payment, i want weix.com or weebly.com

my project it’s only website and wrote the information in it