Poster Presentation


Part 1. Write a short paper ..about 1 page in length answering the following questions ;
A . Describe the research that is presented at the annual conferences for the following two associations. • httpsi/ •
B Which formats do the presentations take (verbal presentations, panel discussions, or poster presentations)? C. Would these conferences be good venues for you to present your final research project?

Part 2
This week, you will submit a draft poster presentation of your theoretical research study. Your final project is based upon the work you’ve done all semester. This project is the culmination of your research question, your literature reviews, your sampling methods and study design, as well as your questions from your questionnaire. Each weekly assignment adds to your final project. All of that information should be included on the poster.
1. Restate your research question.” Does the immigration of Latin American Nationals into Southern California increase the spread of communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis in the United States” ” 2. List and include your sampling/methods, questionnaire and other relevant elements from previous weeks’ assignments. 3. Choose a professional association with an upcoming conference and determine the requirements for a poster presentation. Visit two associations for which you can review their conference poster presentation requirements:
I. II. 4.A. You can used the attached blank poster template 1 or 3 for your work .
B. The attached poster example land 2 is a guide or an example of how your work should look.
references should be as many as possible, at least 8-10 or more