postoperative vision loss

: postoperative vision loss

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4. Focused Synthesis of Literature (graded weight 25%)

Purpose: To read and synthesize a series of articles on the same topic, and to summarize the state of related knowledge.

Relevant Course Outcomes: 3, 4, 5

Assignment Guidelines:

In NO MORE than 4 pages you are to:

1) Write a brief overview of the health issue using PICO/ T format (P = _, I = __, C = __ O = __ & if applicable T ___)
2) Provide an introduction to the issue. [What is the issue, why is it important to examine] (about 1-2 paragraphs)
3) Provide background of the issue. [What has already been examined regarding this topic] (about 1-2 paragraphs)
4) Review State of Science related to this issue through an epidemiologic lens- [use concepts important to epidemiology] (about 4-6 paragraphs)
5) How might your future practice be impacted? Relate this issue to your current or future clinical role. Use at least one concept discussed in the course [i.e., the
literature shows xyz, therefore my practice should update their policy because…
6) You should provide a separate completed table of evidence that includes the references you included (minimum of five articles related to your topic) (no meta
studies/ integrated reviews allowed).