Peer Edit: (10 pts)
Final Draft: The final draft should be well thought out and edited. The repiesentation of your
final work is extremely important. (75 pts)
0 pts 5 pts 10 pts
Did not have paper peer
edited OR
Did not r.isit with a tutor in
the learning lab.
Had paper peer edited but did
not make changes OR
Visited with a tutor but did not
apply tutor’s comments to paper.
Had paper peer edited and
made suggested changes. OR
Visited with tutor and applied
tutor’s comments to final
Toplc Support/Organization Mechanics Style
5 Topic meets the writing
prompt, thesis is clear and not
too broad or narrow. Topic
sentences are properll’ located
and control the bodl
paragraphs. Conclusion fuI11
ends essal’ and provides a call
to action.
Provides excellent details, focus
on C or E or both clearly. 3
details in each body paragraph,
in-depth analysis ofideas. and
applies prewriting info.
Very few or no glrors.
Correct use of
compound sentence,
complex sentences
and S/V agreement.
No fragments.
Adheres to both MLA and
academic style (5
paragraphs, no contractions,
transitions, etc.). Meets
assignment guidelines
(length, third person, etc).
4 Topic meets the writing
prompt, thesis is clear but
perhaps too broad or narrow.
TS properly located, mostly
in control. Conclusion ends
essay and is straightforward.
Includes enough details to
adequatel) inform reader, focus
on C, E or both. general analvsis
of ideas, includes limited info
from the prerr’rite.
Relativell’few minor
errors, Mostly correct
use of
sentences and SA/
agreement. No
Adheres to MLA or
academic style with only
minor faults.
Topic mostly meets writing
prompt, thesis is unclear or
rveak. TS do not control
paragraph content or are
misplaced. Conclusion is
Focus shifts between C. E or
both. Not consistent. Addresses
general topic but lacks :ulllcient
detail and support, little
prervriting info applied.
Some errors make
*,riting hard to
follow. Mistakes with
compound sentences
and S/V agreement.
Fits basic style, but has
MLA or academic faults.
2 Topic does nol meel writing
prompt, thesis missing. TS
missing and conclusion is too
Many details awkward or
missing, little sense of
organization for C, E, or both.
anall’sis weak. Prewriting info
not applied.
Multiple errors. Does not fit MLA or
academic style.
I Essay is incomplete.