Practical Applications in Cyber security Management & Policy

Using the case study and NIST SP 800-53, Identify and
prioritize IT Security controls that should be implemented.
Discuss any applicable US Government regulations/standards
that apply to this organization (The organization is from Project
Step by Step
Step 1: Review the selected case study and describe at least10
issues related to security, interoperability, and operations.
Step 2: Prioritize and articulate the selected requirements based
on immediate need, security posture, complexity, resource
availability, and cost.
Step 3: Identify at least 4 applicable government regulations/
standards that govern how the requirements must be met,
implemented, or measured. Provide rationale for why these are
Step 4: Using NIST Special Publication 800-53 select at least 4
security controls that relate to these issues and describe how
these controls enhance the security posture or facilitates the
secure implementation of these requirements.