“Premarital Sexual Activity for Boys”

Developmental Influences Paper – Boys Instructions The student will choose between one of the following four potential barriers to the healthy development of today’s boys: 1. Premarital sexual activity 2. The impact of invasive technology 3. Fatherless (or emotionally disconnected fathers) 4. Negative cultural messages (through song lyrics, movies, other media sources, politicians, etc., directed at young boys) After reviewing relevant research and popular media messaging concerning the selected topic, write a concise 5-page paper (not including Title Page or Reference Page) in current APA style that: • Covers how the barrier negatively impacts a boy’s cognitive, emotional, relational and spiritual development. • Suggests 3-5 protective factors or practical solutions, based on the research, to help foster cognitive, emotional, relational and spiritual health into adulthood as a man. For example, if the student chooses technology and discovers negative effects of using apps like Snapchat, what can be done to help boys and young teenagers prevent themselves from sending suggestive pictures to others they will one day regret? How can we better protect them developmentally in childhood and the teenage years to enter relationships one day with genuine empathy and concern for others? • Includes references to 3 outside sources (not including the course textbooks or Bible). • Concludes with commentary on principles gleaned from Dr. Dobson.Book: Growing Up Boys by Dobson