Presidential Proclamation

You have been elected President of the United States- Congratulations- Your term coincides With the inaugural year in Which the “Territory
Awareness Month” Will be celebrated in June 2018-
1- Write a 500 word “Proclamation” modeled after the ones in Module 6 Unit 2 by either President Trump or President Obama- [This file has the
heading and the closing sentences you’ll need to use for your Proclamation: Presidential Proclamation-docx
a- Structure your Proclamation according to how either President does it- Here is a spreadsheet illustrating: Presidential Procl Paragraph
Trump: Intro paragraph, Representative Individuals, What America IsNVhat Americans Do, Month
Obama: Intro paragraph, Discussion of Community, What Administration Did, Month
b- Use information from any of the assigned modules for the past 6 weeks as evidence of Why the “American People” should celebrate this month by
becoming more aware of the US territories-
c- Footnote your references to these facts or examples about the territories using Chicago style-