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Press release
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Research Topic 7: Press Releases

Press releases can be particularly tricky. They can deal with embarrassing situations (see this one from the NFL on domestic violence). Or press releases can be used to announce a company development or a new product. Some press releases are used only in print and others are spoken in front of cameras.

This week’s document will have two parts.

Part I: Find three press releases from similar organizations or companies (so three non-profits or three car companies). These may be videos of someone reading a statement or written press releases that are printed. Pay close attention to the diction (word choice) and style. In this first part list the three press releases and summarize what they are announcing in at least two sentences. Make sure to include the source.

Part II: Write a press-release for something at either your current organization or an invented company. Make sure to do your research well. A product recall shouldn’t be used as the model press release for a company award. Further, pay close attention to language use. A non-profit’s press release might be different from a for-profit company. Include a specific source where this press release might be published.

Make sure that you include any sources quoted, paraphrase, or summarized in a bibliography at the end. Your essay should be in APA format and be at least 800 words.