Press Release Concepts

A press release is a written announcement that informs and updates people about an art
exhibition or installation. It offers an ideal way to get publicity for any event or achievement.
This brief announcement can be on either:
1) A current exhibition other than the one you will be working on for your final assignment
2) The exhibition you will be working on for your final assignment
3) For a hypothetical show
If you’re not doing a hypothetical, pick an exhibition that you can get to either in Santa Barbara,
Los Angeles or the surrounding area. This doesn’t just have to include museums, but also art
galleries or any other establishments that foster, curate and host exhibitions. For example, the
UCSB Library features exhibitions as does the public library downtown. Find an exhibition or
artist that you are interested in. If you have a friend who is showcasing work at a local café, this
works too. IV also has places that feature artists.
In this press release you will follow the format of the AD&A Museum at UC Santa Barbara. The
example is in your Reader p.174. You will be graded on your formatting, clarity, and
conciseness. Remember you need to be concise, yet vivid in your advertising of the exhibition.
You need to give the reader all the pertinent information, but also get them interested in seeing
the show. Choose what details you include carefully. Be sure to include an image and the
following in the body of the press release:

  1. What the artist does i.e. painter, sculptor, photographer (look to the press releases to see
    how artists are introduced)
  2. Direct description of the work i.e. genre, colors, size, subject matter, materials
  3. Connect the art to a larger context, bringing in a specific piece that illustrates that theme.