Prevention of Childhood Obesity with a focus on interventions

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The title of the literature review:
‘A review of the prevention of childhood obesity with a focus on interventions that include nutrition’’
It should be randomized control studies not systematic review or cohort or meta analysis
you can write from the above in the introduction and conclusion only
it should be 6 studies 3 on nutrition and 3 on physical activity
you should focus on specific age like for example in preschool children, adolescents
it should be intervention, observational study or experimental
1. You can include interventions that combine physical activity and nutrition
2. Main Outcome measures = childhood obesity defined by anthropometric measurement (BMI, Body fatness, waist circumference)
3. Concentrate on what has been published in the field over the past 3- 5 years. Older references….……..
4. Critical appraisal

Length : 3000 words (+/- 10%) Excluding Reference list and Table
Deadline 2/3/2017

• Introduction to the topic and aims (short)
• Method used to find the papers
• Critique of the papers (main part) 6 intervention studies
• Summary of findings and conclusion
• Tabulation of papers
• search terms
• databases
• dates
• exclusion criteria (including flow chart)
• numbers of studies flagged up
• process of identification of papers selected
important elements:
• Evidence of wide, up-to-date reading
• Overview (brief) of the problem, underlying theories with supporting evidence
• Search methodology that can be followed and repeated
• Critical analysis of research papers: identification of strengths, weaknesses and omissions
• Discussion of potential implications of the research papers
• Logical structure and organisation of material

and i need tabulation of the references
Key websites searched

These were used to provide secondary supporting evidence and data and included:

• Childsmile –
• WHO –
• Scottish Executive –
• Department of Health –
• Food Standards Agency Scotland –
• SIGN 83 –