Primary source

Select a primary source from any historical period covered in our course. The essay assignment requires a close reading of a primary source. You will select 1 primary source.
The essay is to be typed, 4-5 pages in length, size 12 font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, and turned in on the due date. The essay requires that you consult 2 secondary sources (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source). Insert the citations as footnotes. You must cite all sources according to the Chicago style format. The rubric is in the module.
The analysis paper should begin with an introductory paragraph and a thesis statement. The introductory paragraph needs to be followed by four to six paragraphs that answer the assigned questions listed down below and supports the thesis statement.
Your analysis on the PRIMARY SOURCE must answer the following questions:
Clarify the historical context (author and audience, date, central issue) of the primary source. 1. What is the title of the primary source? Make sure to include the title of the document in the intr 2. Explain the historical context of the primary source. a. When was the document written? b. Who is the author? c. Who is the intended audience? d. What is the central issue? e. What does the document tells us about the historical era? 3. What is the author’s background or position in society? 4. What is the author’s bias? What does the author feel strongly in favor of or strongly against? 5. What does the primary source tell us about the historical era?