Principles of document design

Using what we learned about document design from the chapter we read for this week as well as previous design readings, analyze the design of a proposal online. You can choose the proposal (I recommend finding something similar to your project, but that’s up to you); a good place to look is Kickstarter or a similar crowdfunding site, since crowdfunding campaigns are one common way people and organizations propose solutions to problems, new ideas, and new products to the public at large. LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow proposal is fun, and +POOL’s campaign and accompanying website might suit some of your environmental interests; these are just a few examples.

Look at the principles of document design in the chapter and compare them with your chosen proposal. Is your proposal effectively designed? Does it follow some principles and not others? Can you suss out what choices the designer made and draw conclusions as to why they might have made those decisions? How usable is the proposal (i.e., can you find the information you want quickly and easily)?
And, finally, what lessons can you learn from your chosen proposal that you can take back to your group to help you work on your project (Homelessness in SF)?