Principles of Teaching Reading in the Elementary

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Principles of Teaching Reading in the Elementary

1. What is the best form of question to ask the students in my class?
2. Are the students able to learn better from questions than statements?
3. What metrics can I use to determine the effectiveness of my efforts?
4. What is the influence of questions on the performance of the students?
5. What can I do to further the effectiveness of teaching that is practical?
6. How should I combine verbal communication and non-verbal to augment learning in the classroom setting?
7. Liu comes from a Chinese family and experiences a lot of problems pronouncing some of the English words, what can I do the streamline the effectiveness of her dialect?
8. Most of the students get tired during learning in the day, how can I incorporate physical learning into the class programs?
9. What books can I use to further the learning of the English language by the students?
10. What forms of assessment should I use to monitor the progress of the students?
11. The older children tend to be more reserved in the classroom setting and around their friends, what can I do to improve their willingness to participate in the classroom setting?
12. How do I encourage collective and comprehensive group work among the students?

2.Foundational role of symbolic places for Israeli and Palestinian national identity

Compose a response paper exploring the foundational role of symbolic places for Israeli and Palestinian national identity. Assess how symbolic places contributed to the formation of the respective national identities.

3. Special Education Discipline

Special education students are removed from school for disciplinary reasons more often than their general education counterparts”.Discuss this statement