Privacy and corporate giants.

A simple search will reveal a great deal of concern with respect large corporate entities in the
tech realm and the privacy of individuals. To get a sense of this concern, peruse a few links
resulting from a search such as “what does Google and Facebook really know about me?”
Write a paper that attempts to answers this question and more. Consider some of the following
 Are there other corporate entities that are of concern, but tend to go unnoticed?
 Are we too fearful of the likes of Facebook and Google?
 Is privacy as we know it dead or perhaps no longer a social norm (credits to McNealy
and Zuckerberg)?
 Is the public really that concerned over privacy?
 What might the future hold?
 What is the Canadian perspective?
 What is your personal perspective?
You are not bound to the above areas of exploration. In fact, you are encouraged to explore
questions that are of interest or concern to you. Prior to answering any of these questions of
import, certainly spent some acreage outlining the current state of affairs as you see it. Avoid
any temptation to delve into the issue of big government.
Take this paper where you see fit. You have freedom to explore and to offer your own informed