Probation/ Parole Officer

The employment trends for professions associated with a particular field of study are an important part of the larger context for a college education, whether someone is pursuing an associate, a bachelor’s, a master’s. or a doctoral degree. In the case of CRIT 502, the type of information and the level of detail needed will depend on your goals for your bachelor’s degree and your current stage of academic and professional development. Are you:
Preparing to launch your career? Looking to make a change to a new career? Needing to find out what professions are associated with your field of study? A seasoned professional seeking advancement but lacking the bachelor’s degree required? Preparing for scholarship in a graduate program? Pursuing a bachelor’s degree for your own personal enrichment? The O’Net Online website provides employment trend data from several different perspectives, including:
National wage and employment trends (growth and decline), State wage and employment trends (growth and decline). Similar career fields grouped into categories. Career fields grouped by industry, Level and type of preparation needed. Work context and activities. Begin your exploratory research of the 0*Net Online website ( by clicking around the site to get a sense of what information is included and how it is organized.
Focus your exploratory research by identifying what question of the data someone at your stage of academic and professional development needs to ask.