Problem Statement

Problem Statement Assignment:
A successful problem statement will do two things; 1) clearly defines the problem or issue to be studied and 2) addresses a gap in the current knowledge base. Use the sources from your annotated bibliography and organize your problem statement in the following format:

What is known:

Article Title #1:

Article Title #2:

Article Title #3:

Article Title #4:

Article Title #5:

Article Title #6:

What is not known? – Provide a clear statement of the problem in 3-5 sentences.

Research Questions: After writing your problem statement includes 2-3 research questions that need to be answered based on the problem statement. The research questions should be phrased in a way so it could be studied. You don’t want to make the question too broad so it couldn’t be studied.

Describe how this study is new or different from other studies.

Describe the practical applications of your research. How would you use this information to inform your job skills?

Analyze how your research findings might impact your field of interest. How might the potential research findings of your proposed study be of interest to those who work in the field?