Problematizing Write Up

The following post has three assignments namely;

1. Problematizing Write Up

How has your workplace-based problem been redefined as a result of the problematising process?

How has your Critical Literature Review and other resources from the module supported your approach to solving your identified problem?

How have your desired outcomes, both organisationally and personally, evolved as a result of learning and Learning Set discussions in this module thus far?

How have the ideas and practices covered so far in this module influenced how you would go about understanding, resolving and implementing solutions to your work-based problem?

How will you move forward in the problem-solving process for your final CAL report?

2.International Financial Management of India

1. The currency of INDIA: Is it stable? Does your country have fixed or floating exchange rates? Does the exchange rate fluctuate a lot?
2. The banking system in INDIA: How safe is this system? Any recent banking crisis in your country?
3. Overall, does the financial system in INDIA make it easy or difficult to do business? What kind of steps would you recommend for a company doing business in INDIA to hedge or minimize its financial risks?

3.Early childhood development

Write a critical response paper on “Growing Minds”, a program for autistic children. Critical response papers are intended to simulate the program evaluation process. Include a summary of the program, its merits and potential problems (financial, social, logistical etc., at both the individual and societal level), how an evaluation could be designed, and ways you might improve or expand upon the intervention.