Product Marketing


Visit and find a product that is of interest to you. Read two conflicting reviews for the product.
1) Describe the schema you might form about the product after reading the first review.
2) Describe the schema you might form about that same product after reading the second review. 3) Do you think that the person who wrote the first review would change his/her opinion if he/she read the second review?
4) What problems can arise when schemas are used?
5) Do you think reviews on sites like Amazon influence people’s perceptions? If so, how?

Provide the URL for the product from which you are obtaining the reviews. Submit your assignment (with your responses and the URL of the reviews) via E-campus by typing your assignment into the “Submission” textbox (or pasting it from a word document into the textbox. You assignment should be approximately 2-3 pages, typed and double spaced (not including reviews or references).