Professional and ethical issues in information systems

Professional and ethical issues in information systems

Assignment Task

For this assignment you are required to select and critically discuss one of the topic areas below and to submit a research paper (beginning with a 300 word Abstract (10%) and continuing with a 3000 word paper (40%) which critically reviews and appraises the concept.
Choose 1 Topic from the list below:

1. Computing/Information systems carry all the hallmarks of a strictly differentiated profession and should be treated and recognised alongside other professions. Critically Discuss
2. Managers and controllers of information systems have a duty to ensure that users abide by legal, ethical and professional codes and regulations in the way in which information is stored and processed. Critically Discuss
3. Ethics often fills the gap between current legislation and the needs of the computer/information systems industry particularly when considering the global nature of such systems e.g. the use of the Internet, websites etc. Critically Discuss
Assessment Criteria

The report with be assessed on the following components:

1. An abstract summarising the purpose and content of the report (10%).
2. An introduction or background to the issue (10%).
3. A critical analysis of the available literature (50%)
4. Findings and conclusions (20%).
5. Appendices – references/ bibliography (10%).
The abstract should be completed after the research and report is completed so that it encompasses all aspects of the report including the findings.