Professional practice

1 a. What are the three (3) main ideas around professional self-management? b. Briefly explain one (1) method you would use to undertake self-appraisal. c. Briefly explain what input a supervisor and/or peers have into the method explained. Question 2 Briefly explain how you recognise what effect values, beliefs and behaviour have on workplace relationships when working with customers. Question 3 Reflecting on own practice means Share two-way, open and evaluative feedback with co-workers or peers. a. Briefly explain how feedback from relevant personnel provides information for professional development. b. List at least three co-workers/ associates, identify the feedback they provided and the evaluation of feedback for your further development. (Use the table below provided) Co-worker feedback Evaluative/action to take as per the feedback 1. customer service officer Too many delays on getting jobs through for shipping Yes, but there are other factors that also need to be reviewed 2 3 Question 4 a. Identify tw (2) internal network and two (2) external network connections you believe are necessary for improving own professional practice. Internal network Impact specialist For eg: 1. co-worker 2. Manager External network 1. customer 2. buyer/agent Previous employer b. Briefly explain how each impact on your professional practice. Question 5 Which specialist services or advice you will seek to further enhance your own practice and professional development. Question 6 Based on the feedback you have collected from question 3, develop and document a self-development plan to enhance your own professional practice.

7. Briefly explain how networking or communicating with others outside a practice would provide current assessment of the industry so you could apply that information to improving your practice. Question 8 a. List the sources that you might use to access and review information on current and emerging industry developments for your profession. b. Name few self-development opportunities that you would engage in order to facilitate ongoing professional development. Question 9 a. List three (3) skills and/or knowledge that you consider needed to keep abreast of evolving trends. b. Briefly explain how these skills and/or knowledge would be set as goals for self-development. Question 10 There a several legal and ethical parameters that may impact on your practice, for example: codes of ethics, duty of care, changing legislations etc. Provide an example of how you will assess one of these parameters and their impact on your professional opportunities.