Professional Seminar

 Questions – what potential and perceived ethical questions are there (based on the
nature of the dilemma) – this is an important aspect of this assignment – you must
formulate questions to both analyze and discuss in class during your
presentation. Do not limit your questions to “What are Engineer X’s ethical obligations
under these circumstances?”
 Analysis and discussion relative to two engineering codes of ethics – this is an in-depth
analysis of the major ethical issues – be sure and specifically identify the ethical issues
involved and specifically reference the appropriate codes of ethics that would apply to
your situation,
 Your conclusion(s) and recommendations for action – discuss who and what you
the thought was “right” and “wrong” in the situation and how that relates to the code of
ethics, and
 References.
Dr. Jones will serve as the Board of Ethical Review – your case has been previously analyzed
and a decision rendered.
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Report (15% of your final grade)
Based on 1) your analysis and presentation in class; and 2) discussions in class, produce a
summary report of your case. You are encouraged to complete the report prior to designing
your presentation. It will aid in getting your facts correct and provide confidence.
The report must use proper structure, grammar and form. It must be a minimum of three
pages of written text (not counting headers, titles, references, blank lines, etc.). Use single line
spacing and the other formatting requirements discussed in class.
1. Analyze and focus your case study against the specified engineering professional
ethical codes.
2. All materials must be in your own words. Paraphrase the codes in your presentations
and report (do not quote directly).
3. Be sure and properly use references. Use the author reference guide on ASCE’s website
for proper citation.