Profiling of Chronic Myeloid Neoplasms through Gene Expression and Long Non-Coding RNA (LncRNAs) Array


The focus will be on Chapter 4: Results In this chapter we are going to write about each gene expression in each clinical phase of the Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) disease. I would like to write an information about each gene and if it is related to or has a role in other cancers and whether the gene discovered by other CML study. Therefore, it is required to choose 2 to 3 articles for each gene to write about it. Take the sources from the Pubmed links provided in Excel sheet I already attached. The attachments including: 1. Genes Expression Per Clinical Phase (Word document) so only write about these genes, the discovered genes were 39 genes but write about the only genes I listed them in the attached word document. 2. Excel sheet I prepared including the links of each gene ID, Clinical variances and Pubmed literature (sources) of each particular gene. 3. Please write about the genes that listed in the (word document) and if that gene discovered in any study related to CML disease and other leukemias. Also write it’s role in other cancers in order to compare it with our results. 4. Heatmap of the genes Expression (PDF document). 5. TPM values for each gene, indicating the gene expression in CP, CR and CNT groups Note: 1. I used the Biomedical workbench CLC software version 5.0 provided by Qiagen for data analysis after RNA-sequencing 2. I prefer an expert writer in the field of genes (Transcripts) expression who will write the understandable writing language. 3. The number of sources (references) depends on the number of articles chooses for each gene. It is required 2 to 3 articles per gene.