Profit Sharing Modes


Profit Sharing Modes (Mudarabah and Musharakah) and their Contemporary Applications

The 5,000 word limit does not apply to footnotes, bibliography and appendices.

The assessment criteria for the essay will consist of the following requirements, namely, that the student has demonstrated the ability to:

• Comprehend the problem and the instructions.
• Identify the absence of relevant facts and indicate the significance of such absence.
• Identify relevant (including any novel) issues, both legal and non-legal.
• Locate relevant legal and non-legal sources.
• Record relevant principles of law and opinions with appropriate citations.
• Identify lacunae and contradictions in judicial and non-judicial opinion.
• Propose an appropriate synthesis and conclusion in respect of facts, issues, law and solutions.
• Reflect critically upon the analyses, solutions, synthesis and conclusions.
• Structure the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow coherently and logically.
• Communicate in good English.
• A high level of independent research and study
• A clear understanding of legal referencing, legal argument and presentation

Indicators of quality of the work will include the following:

– extent of insight into the central issues.
– breadth of knowledge of the relevant law and policy.
– level of application of the law to the issues.
– depth of analysis, discussion and description in argument.
– degree to which planning and coherence is evidence in the structure of the coursework.
– level to which complex solutions are offered and evaluated.
– extent to which proficiency in English is demonstrated in a legal context.

the referencing must be OSCOLA