Our group needs to come up an NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) webpage that can query data.
The webpage should require users (faculty members) to login with their user ID and password or create/register user ID’s and passwords if it’s a new user.
Except the admin (who will have access to every and any information) the users should only have access to their own information (update/edit/modify if necessary).
User’s should be able to look at selective information provided by the admin and request for specific funds/grants if and when approved.
Overall, the admin (full access) and user’s (limited access) should be able to query data through various search methods within the webpage. Â
An example of such a webpage would be the registration site for NJIT. I as a student can only access certain sections of the page, such as update my personal info, look up classes, select classes and add/drop classes; whereas the advisor/counselor can access every and any students information as well as other sections in the NJIT website.Â

Necessary files (the attached hyperlink below consists of excel sheets that need to be in the database and when the admin/faculty performs a search/query, they should be able to populate the data accordingly)