Project and powerpoint

  1. Select your industry
  2. Select 3 common chemicals used in the selected industry
  3. Calculate TWA for the selected chemicals
  4. Calculate exposure to the mixture Em
  5. Select 5 cases/injuries for the selected industry
  6. Fill out OSHA 300 form
  7. Calculate the incidence rates and compare it to the national statistics
  8. Utilize $afety pays program to calculate the sales the company has make to offset the injury costs
  9. Calculate Severity and Probability of negative H&S outcomes with current controls.
  10. Identify controls to prevent future injuries.Calculate Probability and Severity after the implementation of the control measures.
  11. Calculate Risk Reduction (%)
  12. Perform Cost-Benefit Analysis.

13- 4 to 5 slides of powerpoint for the presntation