project control process



Answer the following questions based on the module readings:

From your experience, describe how you have used a project control process- If you did not use continual monitoring of the progress, how would this have
helped improve the project’s success?

Who can initiate changes to a project schedule? Describe why and when changes would occur in a project- How are the network diagram and schedule
updated to reflect the changes?

Why is the scheduling of IS projects so challenging? What are some of the common problems that push IS projects beyond their due dates?

Calculate the ES, EF, LS, and LF times and the slack for each activity in the figure below and identify the critical path for the project- Can the project be
completed in 40 weeks? Assume that activity A actually finished at 3 weeks, activity B actually finished at 12 weeks, and activity C actually finished at 13
weeks- Recalculate the expected project completion time- Which activities would you focus on in order to get the project back on schedule?