Project Implementation and Control



It is time to do the risk assessment for this part of the Saber Acquisition project. Risks are any
events that may occur that will impact the project objectives positively or negatively. For the
3.0 Administration work stream, the objectives are on time, on budget, on scope, and on
The risk management plan for the project documents the risk threshold as 4 and defines the
following Impact and Likelihood scales:
Likelihood Scale
Low (1) Medium (2) High (2)
Probability < 30% 30% to 70% > 70%
Impact Scale
Objective Low (1) Medium (2) High (3)
Cost < 10% 10% to 20% > 20%
Time < 1 week 1 to 4 weeks > 4 weeks
Scope Minor areas of scope
Major areas of scope affected Company effectively not
Quality Quality degradation barely
Quality reduction noticeable and
not acceptable
Company effectively not
Assignment Requirements
1. Use the risk register template provided to:
Identify 10 risks, including at least 1 opportunity, and remember to use the risk
meta-language to ensure you identify the risk event
Perform a qualitative analysis of the 10 risks using the likelihood and impacts
scales used in the case study in the class notes, and repeated below
Determine the appropriate response for each risk, including identifying residual
and secondary risks
2. A well-structured, professional document with title page, page numbers and no spelling
or grammatical errors.