Project Management Best Practices and Recognizing Project Migraines

“Project Management Best Practices and Recognizing Project Migraines”
Discuss in no less than two paragraphs for each bullet point.Your answers must focus on the discussion questions and they must specifically address the issues. You need to apply the concepts and theories you have learned. Think logically, when writing your discussions. Vague and general answers without any meaningful content are not acceptable.
Please respond to the following:
•As a newly minted CIO, you have been hired to join a company without a history of project best practices. Suggest strategy and process for your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to develop standards for your organization that is without any such organizational project history. Justify the main reasons why your suggestion would be effective.
•Reflect upon Kerzners “Sources of Smaller Migraines’ from Chapter 2. Select three (3) issues from the list. Then, specify the reasons why these issues are more critical to control than the others. Justify your response.