Project management checklist

Introduction – Does the introduction describe the purpose of the document?
Project Scope – Is the project’s scope clearly defined (including assumptions, constraints and exclusions)?
Stakeholder Management – Have the principle stakeholders been identified? – Are clear and specific actions proposed for engaging with key stakeholders? – Is the choice of actions justified?
Risk Management – Are risks and opportunities clearly and unambiguously described? – Have risks and opportunities been assessed and prioritised? – Is the response strategy for each risk and opportunity clearly stated? – Are responses to individual risks and opportunities specific and likely to be effective?
Gantt Chart – Does the Gantt chart show at least 10 activities? – Does the Gantt chart show key milestones? – Does the Gantt chart show relationships between activities? – Is there a written explanation / justification of the Gantt chart?
Academic Theory – Is relevant academic theory discussed in each section of the document? – Is the choice of the academic frameworks and techniques that have been applied justified? – Are at least 10 sources cited (including at least 3 academic books and at least 3 academic journal articles)?
Credibility – Are the proposals presented in each section of the document consistent (i.e. not contradictory)? – Are the proposals credible?
Referencing – Citations and list of references conforms to Harvard standard? – All sources cited in body of report are include in list of references? – All sources in list of references are cited in body of report?
Presentation – Document includes cover page and Table of Contents? – Document is professionally presented? – Total word count included on cover page? – Are all tables and figures that have been used referred to in the text?