Project proposal – workplace improvement


Workplace place improvement (nursing related topic for quality improvement)

Assignment 2 is a 3500 word project proposal that provides you with opportunity to demonstrate the integration of quality and safety course learning applied to a specific problem chosen by you. The chosen topic will be of relevance to your professional practice and thus of interest to colleagues and current workplace function. It is anticipated the project proposal will provide a scholarly analysis of the chosen topic that (when later implemented) would lead to either care or workplace improvements.

Resources you may wish to access could include:

reading previous project proposals from your workplace,
accessing study skills resources on the FLO Student Learning Centre site where both research proposal and report writing are explained briefly .
Project proposals follow a set format and brief explanations have been included to start your thinking for the assignment.

This project proposal should contain the following sections:

Aim: a succinct statement of intent that clearly identifies the project purpose and proposed population – who.

Setting: describe the location of the proposed project identifying any specific features and contextual influences (such as the impact of the project aim/problem on a specific work area/department; impacts on quality and safety performance/function) – where.

Background & literature review: this scholarly section is a critical analysis of contemporary professional literature related to the identified problem. (For example: you may wish to improve hand washing compliance among all multi-disciplinary healthcare workers in a particular work area/department. This project proposal will assist to describe how the chosen topic may be improved by the planned intervention and the evidence already present within this identified setting – why.

Improvement proposed: clearly outline specific intervention and why it was chosen – what.

Method: summarise the planned implementation method(s) – consider the associations between the identified problem; the practice context and the professional evidence provided in section 3. Data collection and evaluation methods are included in another study topic – NURS8012. Precise data collection and evaluation strategies are not an expected component of the method section in this assignment. However, it would be useful, in the meantime, to look for and include resources that help you make preliminary decisions about data collection and evaluation for this project proposal – how.

Ethical issues: what are ethical issues associated with the proposed project – how would you address these?

Techniques selected to assess project outcomes: think about how you plan to assess the effectiveness of the project. Discuss any instruments you would use to assess the outcome(s) of your intervention; have these instruments been used previously, if so – how? How will you ensure the quality of the data collected is suitable and fits the needs of the project brief?

Discussion: This is another scholarly supported section that links with the initial academic evidence provided in section 3. This section will identify the potential difficulties in project implementation including, for example, data collection in a clinical setting; contextual implications of the intervention; potential recommendations for further study.

Conclusion and recommendations: summarises the aim; major potential findings and anticipated project outcomes that advance quality and safe professional care. Future study of implications for nursing/midwifery practice may be included as recommendations.


Appendices (if applicable)
NB: the references and appendices are not counted within the overall word requirement for any assignment.
Dear writer:
My topic: Need to improve ISBAR communication in Nursing clinical handover from Emergency department to the ward
Need for the study : Break in communication, not getting complete information of the patient on admission from ED to the wards.
So need to make a check list for perfect handover as per ISBAR technique
Quality improvement tool : FOCUS PDCA
Please refer NSQHS chapter 2 as well.