project report (AMZ)

project report (AMZ)

Order Description
This is a project management report assignment
Company name (AMZ)
Project idea is a start up educational business that will encourage kids read more. Learn and help parents to keep their children away from the modern day technology such as iPods, cell phones, and video games.

Target market:
Educational package for kids age 6-10

Product and services:
Provide the package, which will include educational material that explores wide range of topics. Also games related to the reading material that will encourage kids to use their hands and minds in interactive fun way. The pakege will be delivered to subscribers through the mail. Start up capital (300000$)

Membership range;
Blue 3 menthe 75$
Gold 6 month 150$
Platinum one year 225$

Please provide the flowing item in your report:
1-Executive Summary

2. Scope of Work

3. Project Scope
4. Work Breakdown Structure Analysis

5. Capital and Operating Budgets:
Please include the over hade cost such as printing books, packaging, kids game, and the shipping expenses and the internet page instructs for the business, and any additional cost associated with the project you think is useful
(The budgets should be in scheduled forecasting an estimate of all the cost )
6.Project Support (any outsourcing needed)
7- project risk