Proof of Concept

Your company is a 4-year-old startup called XYZ Software Enterprises. XYZ produces a point of sale system and was awarded a Proof of Concept (POC) to one of the largest and oldest restaurants in the industry (you know, the ones in the commercials all the time). The re.urant wants XYZ to prove that the software will do what the sales people said it could do. Your Proof of Concept will include four parts: • Part 1: Gantt Chart • Part 2: Testing and User Acceptance Report • Part 3: Use Case Diagram • Part 4: Activity Diagram Part 1: Gantt Chart A Gantt Chart needs to be created for the entire process of the Proof of Concept. There is a two-month deadline from today to complete the POC. Using Visio or Excel, create a Gantt Chart that includes all of the items listed below and adds five more tasks minimum from the concepts learned from the course: • The initial meeting — today. • Should appear as the first line. • Teams selected to participate in the project (1 week). • Information gathering (add the information gathering methods you will use and how long each will take). • System configurations based on information gathering methods (2 weeks). • Create Activity Chart based on information gathering (info to create chart supplied). • Create Use Case Diagram based on information gathering (info to create chart supplied). • Show the finished configurations to the team and get feedback (1 day).