The aim of this research project is to conduct research on latest Information Security topics and successful business strategies. The research paper must answer the following questions:
1. Discuss the major challenges to secure Software Development Security nowadays?
2. Explain how companies are considering those challenges while developing and implementing their strategic plans. – Based on the chapter 13 I’ve sent to you, Choose an international company to consider in the research paper – This is important
3. Discuss to which extent senior managers within the company you choose are interested in developing information security policy and implementing to secure Software Development Security?
4. Evaluate and identify some standards and vendors that provide security controls and measure relevant for Software Development Security
The expected format for the final deliverable of this research paper will be between 8-12 pages including the references (minimum 10 references).
Use standard citation style as APA.
Correct use and application of CMAP (Concept map) inside the paper is required. To answer the main questions mentioned above. (Try to use minimum 10 concepts)
Kindly remember that copy paste and plagiarism is an academic crime, similarity limit is 15%. Not more.
marking scheme for the project
1. Correct and complete answers for the focused questions (10 marks )
2. The use of relevant resources and correct referencing and uploading them (5 Marks )
3. Essay style and respecting the budget (5 Marks )
4. Correct application of CMAP (10 Marks )