Pros and Cons of National Health Insurance

Part 1: The local Rotary Club has asked you to write an article for their newsletter about a national health insurance (NHI) plan like the one introduced in HR 676. You’ve roped in your colleague to help. There seems to be a debate among Rotary members about whether NHI would solve our health care problems or create more problems. They want to know both the pros and the cons. In particular, the person who asked you to prepare this has included the following issues that members have raised: Old people will be denied care so they will die sooner People will get sicker because they’ll have to wait for care We’ll be assigned to doctors and hospitals and not be able to choose our own It inappropriately tries to solve the problem of uninsured people who could get insurance if they just got a job, or who could just get the care they need at the emergency room This is just socialized medicine The government will be running health care and making all the decisions.