Prose Performance

Part I – Demonstrate a comprehensive explanation of the Dramatistic Approach (Pentad); describe how your Prose selection is relevant to the Dramatistic Approach; identify 3 sources of information that support your analysis.

Part II – The paper will provide a detailed summary of the theme of the text. The theme should be analyzed both historically (how we viewed the thematic idea in the past); as well as currently (how we understand the theme in contemporary society). Note: The section is a good place to incorporate research. In other words, how was the issue (the theme of the Prose i.e. marriage, mental health, parenting etc.) thought about historically and how does the current literature address the issue?

Part III – Identify ethical issues in the prose. How does the text relate to morality, social justice, free speech, etc.? What are the implication of the text (how does text resolve the ethical issue? Or – How does the text help us understand the issue in a more complex or nuanced manner?). In other words, why does this piece of literature matter in terms of ethics? What do we learn from reading/performing the piece?