PSY 310: Midterm Assessment

PSY 310: Midterm Assessment

Answer all of the questions listed below.

Part I: Short answers
1.     What is the UCR and why is it important when analyzing criminal behavior?

2.    Describe Baumrind’s four different parenting styles. Which is preferred and why?

3.    What is Eysenck’s theory of personality and crime?

4.    Explain the major environmental factors that impact the development of aggressive behaviors.

5.    What is the difference between passive and active acts of aggression? Give examples of each.

6.    What are the primary characteristics of a psychopath found on the Hare PCL Checklist?

7.    What are the differences between male and female psychopaths?

8.    What is the difference between incompetence to stand trial and insanity?

9.    What is the importance of risk assessments and how effective are they?
Part II: Essays
1.     Explain how the three legal standards for insanity differ from each other. Research each of them and explain how they are different. Also, how many states have completely abolished the insanity defense? Why do you think that is?

2.    Using the Hare PCL, rate the following three individuals based on their biographies and explain your rationale for your ratings. Be sure to cite any additional resources that you used in your response.
Kenneth Bianchi
John Wayne Gacy
Albert DeSalvo