“Psychiatric interviews for teaching: Psychosis – Schizophrenia”

watch the interview provided in the Case study video below titled “Psychiatric interviews for teaching: Psychosis – Schizophrenia” to complete a mental health assessment and intervention report. In your report ensure to:
• Refer to the diagnostic criteria as listed in the DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association, 2013) to validate your decision that the client has a psychiatric disorder.
• Support your report by providing evidence from the case study video.
• Provide evidence that you have thought about the mental health nursing practice by examining your thinking about your decisions, observations and recommendations.

Case study video

view the case study video and during the video make notes on the items listed for Parts A, B and C below:

Part A: History 20 Part B: Mental state examination 20 Part C: Care Plan 20

Reason for referral
History of presenting problem
Past psychiatric/mental health history
Medical history
Family history
Personal history
Occupation history
Forensic history
Drug and alcohol history
Current treatments
Current functioning and supports
Parental status and/or carer responsibilities
Details of dependents
Thought form
Thought content
Cognition/intellectual functioning
Insight and Judgement
Risk assessment
Provisional diagnoses
Need for referral
1. Medical intervention
(Clinical issue/ goal)
2. Psychosocial intervention
(Clinical issue/ goal)
3. Nursing intervention
(Clinical issue/goal)