Psychological Skills training (PST) Program


The coursework will have a set of elements. You will need to: 1-Run an interview with an athlete of your choice (recreational or professional). The interview should be videotaped and include a Spider diagram (Performance Profile). 2- We will agree in class on a mental skill to target in the PST program. (we agreed on confidence) 2-Select and use appropriate tests to evaluate the target mental skill. Justification of the use of imagery and positive self-talk to improve confidence(the sport we picked was basketball free throws) Table for the psychological skills training program (Eg. Detail of the intervention (description of the intervention in the sports hall that represents week 1 and 2 of the practice phase of the PST) 3-Develop a 6 sessions Psychological Skill Training (PST) programme (run 1) for your athlete. The method used should be innovative and justified by literature. 4- Evaluate your program: repeat the same measures to evaluate the improvements achieved by your athlete. A written report (3000 words) including the following sections: Introduction: General point about the central issue: Introduce the topic of PST in sports or in the specific discipline of your choice (your athlete) Methods: Describe your athlete (Case description), the type of interview you designed and used, the methodology for the performance profile and the questionnaire used. Make sure you include a justification for choosing this questionnaire with a description of the psychometric qualities. Results: Based on the results of the interview, spider diagram + Test results justify the choice of the skill intended to focus on. Objective: Discuss the particular skill using theory and research. Particular focus should be given to the techniques used to improve the skill in question to justify your PST program. PST program table describing your intervention Evaluation of the program Conclusion & Recommendations