Psychological Testing and Christians



Psychological Testing and Christians –

Read the following two blogs related to Christian views on psychological testing: Psychological Tests: Are You For or Against?
The Value of Psychological Testing.
Respond to these blogs by discussing your own thoughts on the subject.
As a Christian, how do you feel about psychological testing?
Do you see yourself using psychological testing in the future (using could refer to any of the following: administering tests, interpreting tests as a counselor, referring your clients to someone for psychological testing, constructing tests)?
If yes, describe how your faith might play a part in this.
If no, describe why you feel this way.
Feel free to find other blogs that might also add insight into this subject matter.
Make initial post 250-300 words
Miller, L. A., & Lovler, R. L. (2016). Foundations of psychological testing: A practical approach. Los Angeles: SAGE.